Hello, I am Manisha, the founder of Chiming Window and creator of the stuff you will see here. My varied interests lead me to explore art forms from around the globe. I derive my inspiration from the folk arts of different continents, cultures, traditional art forms as well as from the modern concepts. It depends on the project i am working upon. I try to mix n match art forms in my DIY projects. I believe that if you chose to learn , it can go on for life and I made that choice.

Chiming Window is my window of expressions. As you will explore , you will get to see my original as well as inspired work.

I have studied fashion designing and after working in the field for almost 12 years, I decided to explore something more besides fashion. This place is the result of my exploration and learnings.

If you have suggestions, ideas, feedback, questions or queries, pls feel free to write me on

You can also find me on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest and Twitter.